is a new real estate technology company, currently focused on the Hawaii market but planning to expand to the national market in the first quarter of 2021. aims to bring transparency to the real estate industry. Essential data and current market conditions should be readily available as people make one of the largest financial decisions of their life, buying and selling a home, yet they are not.

One of’s most helpful aspects for buyers and sellers is their Smart Price. The Smart Price provides a fair market value by not only considering previous sales, but current market conditions. This data reveals good deals as well as bad deals clearly showing who wants to sell their property in the short term and who is willing to wait in order to receive a higher offer. also provides other important data to its users through unique filters allowing buyers to sort through the best deals as well as an abundance of information on the market conditions so one can determine if they’re shopping in a fair Seller’s or Buyer’s market. is also very pandemic friendly with thousands of videos and virtual tours for buyers to use as they explore their options for a home. was founded by Jeff Berzolla in 2020. Jeff started working in the online industry in the late 90s and has worked for, consulted for and started several successful web-based businesses. Jeff founded, grew and sold the largest vacation rental technology and marketing company in Hawaii. With, Jeff hopes to make all of the essential information an informed buyer needs to make a smart offer on a real estate purchase readily available. Personally frustrated by personal searches to buy real estate and only finding websites that were simply a regurgitation of the local MLS info, Jeff was inspired to make do it all better.

Jeff decided to start with the Hawaii real estate market as he lives in Hawaii for most of the year and felt it would be most beneficial to start with a market that he has lots of local knowledge about. is different from his previous projects mostly because of major technological advancements. Tools like React, Serverless technology and many other incredible open source resources are allowing him and his team to do in a week what used to require a month or a quarter to develop. plans to expand to the national market in Quarter 1 of 2021. Jeff realizes that there is a lot of misinformation on the internet right now and a lot of old guard industry folks defending the antiquated establishment. Jeff looks forward to’s technology and business ethics becoming part of the national conversation to show that a better and more honest way exists.

When asked about what he hopes to see the company grow into, Jeff responded, “I hope to see our company become a top ten national online real estate player in the coming year. Our north star is data transparency and doing what is best for the consumer. I know that these principles will lead us to a successful place no matter how quickly we grow.” is going to bring great changes to the national real estate industry as it has already begun to with the Hawaii real estate industry.